Congratulations to winners of the

2018 Kearney School District Education Foundation Scholarships!


Kearney School District Education Foundation
$1,000, Ethan Miller (University of Missouri)
$1,000, Brooklyn Shumate (University of Missouri)
$1,000, Nash Kolb (Truman State University)
$1,000, Morgan Snider (Truman State University)

Ashton Hiatt Memorial Scholarship
$500, Denver Snider (University of Missouri)

Brandon Jacques Memorial Scholarship
$1,500, Katelyn Merrick (University of Missouri)
$1,500, Emma Couch (Pittsburg State University)


Meyer Accounting & Tax Scholarship

$1,000, Hannah Young (University of Missouri)
$1,000, Brooklyn Shumate (University of Missouri)


Jack Wolters Memorial Scholarship
$1,500, Jason Eklund (Metropolitan Community College - Blue River)


SARJT Family Scholarship
$1,000, Emma Couch (Pittsburg State University)





The Foundation offers students the opportunity to apply for scholarships to help relieve some of the financial concern as they work to further their education.


The following scholarships are offered annually by KSDEF:


  • $1,000 scholarships - 3 scholarships awarded for students attending a four-year institution

  • $500 scholarships - 2 scholarships awarded for students attending a two-year institution or if not requested an additional $1,000 scholarship is awarded.

Additionally we are honored to assist with the administration of scholarships for businesses and members of our community.  




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PO Box 715, Kearney, MO  64060

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