Pictured above (left to right)

Front Row: Dr. Amy Baugh, Dr. Emily Miller, Kelly Gentry, Adam Lyngar 

Middle Row: Jana Stevens, Stephanie DePrenger, Season Kerns

Back Row: Susan Woehrman, Justin Ernzen, Jason Pierret, Jill Norris

Not pictured: Tiffany Kirkland

 Season Kerns, Board Chair

Adam Lyngar, Board Vice-Chair & Finance Chair

Stephanie DePrenger, Public Relations Chair

Jill Norris, Fundraising Chair

Susan Woehrman, School Board Representative 

Tiffany Kirkland, Allocations Chair

Jana Stevens, Teacher Innovation Grants Chair

Kelly Gentry, Nominations Chair

Jason Pierret, Committee Chair


Dr. Amy Baugh, Board Secretary

Justin Ernzen CPA, Board Treasurer

Dr. Emily Miller, KSD Superintendent

Executive Committee

Adam Lyngar, Board Vice-Chair

Justin Ernzen CPA, Board Treasurer

Season Kerns, Board Chair

2023-24 Advisory Board

Mitch Buhman

Jenny Carneal

Angie Endicott

Todd Endicott

Nikki Hill

Dan Holloway

Jason Hoyt

Megan Miller

Lauren Miller-Nelson

Kelly Regier-Hermon

B.J. Staab

Stella Spiking

2022-23 Committees

Finance Committee

Adam Lyngar, Chair

Justin Ernzen

Jason Pierett

Fundraising Committee

Jill Norris, Chair

Jenny Carneal

Stephanie DePrenger

Todd Endicott

Angie Endicott

Season Kerns

Scholarships Committee

Jenny Carneal

Stella Spiking

TIG Committee

Jana Stevens, Chair

Jason Pierett

Stella Spiking

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, or volunteering to help with one of our committees or events, we encourage you to apply by submitting your resume and a cover letter or email detailing your interest and how you hope to contribute to the Foundation. Please email us at info@ksdef.com

Questions are also welcomed prior to submitting a resume.