Frequently Asked Questions

 Please get in touch with us at 816-628-6475 or for this information.

The KSD Education Foundation serves a crucial role in upholding the high standards of excellence that both KSD parents and citizens have grown accustomed to in our schools. By gathering funds from the broader community, the foundation works to provide additional classroom equipment, materials, and scholarships so that students will have learning opportunities beyond state mandates. Your contributions are vital in ensuring the continued growth and enrichment of our educational environment, significantly impacting our children's lives and our community's future.

Yes! Any gifts given outside of a fundraising event/campaign can be specified for a particular program of your choice.

The KSD Education Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by its board of directors. While the Foundation is an independent organization, its sole purpose is to support the educational mission of the Kearney School District.

The Foundation's programs receive funding from diverse sources, primarily through generous contributions from businesses and individuals and interest generated from investments. There are several avenues through which donors can show their support, including direct donations, event sponsorship, matching corporate gifts, bequests, gifts made in memory of loved ones, and contributions to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and other significant events.

Since its establishment in 2010, the Foundation has disbursed over half a million dollars to foster inventive educational initiatives through classroom grants, to acknowledge outstanding student achievements with scholarships, and to recognize staff for exemplary teaching. 

No. Unfortunately, the amount the State of Missouri provides combined with levy dollars does not meet the costs of education expected by the Kearney School District community. The money collected through taxes and levies provides basic educational supplies, salaries, and capital improvements. The Foundation is working to enhance what your taxes cover.

Yes! The KSD Education Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Our children, our schools, and our community. Everyone benefits from great public schools!

The Foundation, PTOs, PTAs, and Booster Clubs provide critical support for our schools' success. Each makes significant contributions; however, their structure and focus differ. The KSDEF was established solely to raise money and provide support grants to all schools within our district. It was created as a long-term entity focused on curriculum development and funding more extensive critical infrastructure needs. We encourage you to support all district organizations and appreciate the differences!

Yes! We are currently working on providing an annual donor/sponsorship form for those who prefer this option. Please call or email us at 816-628-6475 or  We will happily accommodate you until we have the documents ready to publish. 

In 2023, we changed our race policy on pets due to participant safety concerns and potential track damage. We're bummed too, but we thank you for understanding!