Teacher Innovation Grants (T.I.G.s) aim to strengthen teachers' and staff's imaginative ideas and initiatives, fostering a more engaging learning environment for students. This funding opens doors to unique opportunities, enhancing and broadening learning experiences in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) subjects, Literacy, Social Studies, and beyond.

Every year, teachers from KSD schools apply for grants of up to $1,000 to support their teaching concepts. The Teacher Innovation Grants program brings these concepts to life in classrooms, benefiting students when alternative funding isn't available.

Over time, KSDEF grants have positively impacted KSD teachers, students, and parents by creating better learning environments, narrowing achievement gaps among students, and introducing new teaching technologies.

KSD Education Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that teachers possess the necessary resources and that all students graduate high school equipped for success. These projects play a pivotal role in sparking enthusiasm among young minds, surpassing the limitations that schools' budgets might impose.

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2022-2023 teacher innovation grants

Congratulations to our 2022-23 Teacher Innovation Grants Recipients! The KSD Education Foundation awarded 16 grants to KSD teachers and staff totaling $12,500 for 2023. 

Click on the video to come along with us as grant checks were personally delivered to many surprised teachers and staff in their classrooms by KSD Superintendent Dr. Emily Miller and KSD Education Foundation Board Chair Season Kerns, with their students cheering them on!

Angie Carmack - Kearney High School

Jennifer Chrane - Kearney GATE Program

Sherry Crall - Kearney High School

Melanie Heuermann - Early Education Center

Amber Hiley - Kearney LENS School

Sara Kimmel - Kearney Elementary School

Jacqueline Lemoine - Kearney Jr. High School

Bradley Miller - Kearney High School

Kristina Pruitt - Southview Elementary School

Michelle Raines - Southview Elementary School

Megan Rowland - Kearney Early Education Center

Kristi Schutter - KSD Occupational Therapy

Rebecca Shaheen - Southview Elementary School

Lindsey Thomas - Dogwood Elementary School

Amanda Timmer - Hawthorne Elementary School

TIG Awards in Action!

KSD Education Foundation is committed to enriching the education provided to all students by Kearney School District. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supported by private donations.