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The Gift of an Education: An Ever-Lasting Legacy

The KSD Education Foundation strives to establish and administer scholarships that leave a lasting impact. Crafting a scholarship that supports Kearney graduates is a profoundly significant choice. This act not only transforms the lives of the recipients but also showcases your dedication to shaping a better future. It can serve as a tribute to a cherished memory of a loved one or a respected community member or as a means for your family to celebrate its deep-rooted connection with Kearney public schools. Such a noble endeavor creates a lasting impact, leaving an indelible legacy that spans generations.

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If you're interested in supporting education through scholarships, there are two meaningful ways to contribute. The first is to donate to an existing scholarship fund, which can provide financial assistance to deserving students who may otherwise face obstacles in pursuing their academic dreams. You can click here for a list of established scholarships, each with its unique focus and criteria, or here to donate to an already-established scholarship.

The second option is to create a new scholarship tailored to your specific interests or a cause close to your heart. By establishing a personalized scholarship with KSDEF, you can focus on particular fields of study, target underrepresented communities, or address specific challenges students face. Whichever path you choose, your generosity will play a crucial role in shaping the future of bright young minds and fostering a more educated society.

Advantages of KSDEF Managed Scholarships

Flexibility and Individuality

Flexibility and individuality are central to KSDEF's approach to scholarships. Donors are free to determine the qualifications and selection criteria for their scholarships as long as they adhere to IRS guidelines and receive approval from the board. Collaborating closely with the KSDEF staff, donors can choose to support students pursuing a degree in a particular field, demonstrate financial need, excel academically, or fulfill other specific requirements. Furthermore, donors have the option to emphasize specific criteria above others, such as prioritizing academic achievements or financial needs, ensuring that the scholarships align with their unique philanthropic goals and intentions. This customizable and personalized approach allows donors to make a meaningful impact on the lives of deserving students while promoting education in areas that resonate with their passions and values.

Tax Deductible

Scholarship donations directed to KSDEF qualify for tax deductions as allowed by IRS guidelines.

Professional Management

The KSDEF Board of Directors has established policies and procedures that govern the scholarship selection and administration process. These measures have resulted in the creation of a highly effective, transparent, and professional program that is accessible to community members for the management of scholarship funds. KSDEF coordinates various aspects, including promoting the scholarships, developing and distributing the scholarship application, conducting thorough assessments and reviews of the applications, selecting deserving recipients, disbursing awards, and maintaining regular communication with both recipients and donors.


The KSD Education Foundation engages in activities that spread positive messages about Kearney public schools and the generous contributions of our donors. The dedicated KSDEF staff and directors actively advocate for the remarkable achievements of Kearney students, staff, donors, and the entire community. Furthermore, we are excited to feature your scholarship donation on our social media platforms, showcasing your commitment to supporting education in our community.

Interested in becoming a Scholarship Sponsor? Click HERE!

KSD Education Foundation is committed to enriching the education provided to all students by Kearney public schools. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supported by private donations. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.