Pay it forward : Employee Giving Program 

Each fall, the Foundation challenges district staff and teachers to help "pay it forward" by contributing to the Foundation through the Pay It Forward (PIF) Campaign. Each year, 100 percent of the money collected through the campaign goes directly back to our schools to support our students, educators, and classrooms. The KSD Education Foundation believes in our schools and takes pride in supporting all you do to make Kearney public schools an excellent district for all students. 

Why Give?

When you give the gift of education through payroll deductions, your donation supports the most vulnerable students in the Kearney public schools, bridges inequities so every child can benefit from a high-quality public education, and provides resources, grant opportunities, and recognition for our teachers and staff.

100% of your donation remains in KSD. Your donation DIRECTLY benefits students, staff, and teachers in Kearney public schools through KSDEF's initiatives focused on learning support and engagement and staff support and recognition.

Your contribution is tax-deductible. Your charitable donation to KSDEF is tax deductible and convenient! You can make budget-friendly contributions through easy payroll deduction, spreading your support over time.

The Power of Participating in Payroll Deductions

Your gift, combined with the generosity of hundreds of other KSD employees who donate each paycheck, can make a collective change. Together, we can make an exponential impact on education!

Any size gift is appreciated.


We value your support and as a token of our appreciation:

CLICK HERE for a printable KSDEF perks form. 


PAYROLL DEDUCTION*: The easiest way to make a gift! Click HERE  and follow the process below to begin. 

If you prefer to make a one-time or monthly donation via credit card, see the information below. 

OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT: Click here and select "Pay It Forward" to make a one-time or monthly gift via PayPal, Venmo, credit card, debit card, Apply Pay, Google Pay, or check. Please complete the check payable to the KSD Education Foundation and send it to us at C.O. via KSD internal mail. Checks are for one-time donations only, please. 

Thank you for your support! In the 2022-23 school year, 22 KSD employees generously donated to the Education Foundation through the payroll deduction campaign, raising $1,300! With these donations, KSDEF could offer a $1,000 scholarship to a Kearney senior. The "Pay It Forward Scholarship" honors these staff members and celebrates their generosity in a way that recognizes their commitment to giving back to their students and community. Click here to see our Staff Donor Recognition page. 

*Payroll deductions are made post-tax and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

KSD Education Foundation is committed to enriching the education provided to all students by Kearney public schools. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supported by private donations. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.